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In the Woods… | Oslo, Norway




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In the Woods… | Oslo, Norway

John Dee

Torggata 16, 0181 Oslo

Friday, June 7th 2019

8 PM UTC+02 – 11 PM UTC+02

250 NOK // ID: 18

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Vanvidd played support for “In The Woods…”.

In the Woods…

In The Woods … is a dark, ambient avant-garde metal band from Kristiansand. They are also known as one of the first bands to call their music pagan metal.
They started as the death metal band Green Carnation, but when lead songwriter Tchort went to Emperor, the project In The Woods … was started. They released the demo “The Isle Of Men” in 1993, and the full-length “Heart Of The Ages” in 1995. The album was unique for its time, since the band expanded the black metal sound with i.a. harmonic keyboard parts and various vocal expressions. In 2003, after further releases, including these critically acclaimed ones, they released “Live At The Caledonia Hall”. This was a live album with recordings of the last performance. The band was then shelved indefinitely, before appearing in 2015. They have since released two critically acclaimed albums, “Pure” (2016) and “Cease The Day” (2018). They have two European tours in 2019, and are working on new material.

Anders Kobro – drums
James Fogarty – vokal
Bernt Sørensen – gitar
Kåre André Sletteberg – gitar
Nils Olav Drivdal – bass

In the Woods… | Oslo, Norway


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