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(CANCELED) Quantic | Bucharest, Romania – November 5th, 2022

Quantic | Bucharest, Romania


Intrarea Grozavesti 061344 Bucharest, Romania

Saturday 5th November 2022

17:00 UTC+01


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(Translated from Romanian)

GOD The Barbarian Horde

Just as the world would not unfold in the complex form we know now were it not for the intricate mechanics of nature, we could not be who we are today without the powerful legacy handed down over the centuries by our ancestors. Besides the passion for their people’s history, this is perhaps the main reason why GOD, the barbaric folk metal band from Romania – and one of the elders of the country’s metal wave – are among the few who have become keen to celebrate the legacy of their forefathers. Whether it’s the spirit of mighty Dacian warriors or the valor of the nation’s great voivodes of yore, GOD’s music depicts the battle stories and tradition of celebrating illustrious historical figures from times of myth and legend.

Consisting of some of the best musicians, all with previous musical activity, the band is currently based in Iași, the former capital of the country, and a cultural monument in itself.

Since its inception, along with several other prominent bands, GOD The Barbarian Horde, as they call themselves, has changed the tectonics of the metal scene. He has also won numerous prestigious awards throughout his steady work, which has crystallized into 5 demos and 5 album releases.

During its tumultuous existence, GOD changed its musical orientation from early gothic metal (see the first album, “From The Moldavian Ecclesiastic Throne” rated 9 by the German magazine RockHard) to what they call “Barbarian Metal”, somewhat similar with that of bands like Finntroll. , Amon Amarth, Eluveitie, Arkona or Moonsorrow.

Although the musical style has changed as the years have passed, the conceptual themes in GOD’s music have remained the same. They mainly refer to the history and way of life of the Romanian people, from the Dacian people, the great voivodes and the great warriors of the nation, to the deities they worshipped. All these things are well reflected in the band’s equipment, clothing, used props (swords, bows, horns) or the choice of musical instruments, as well as in the energy that characterizes their live performances.

Beaver – voice
Gel – guitar
Pomo – bass
Manu – keys
Lus – drums

May the legacy continue!

Tableau Mort (UK)

It appeared in 2017 on the British underground scene, being founded by musicians of Romanian origin, known for their activity in bands such as Sin, Indian Fall, Leprosy Abcess, who were joined in 2019 by Polish bassist Marek Basisa and British vocalist James Johnson. Tableau Mort brings a new approach to black metal, combining the strength and darkness of this musical genre, with dissonant tonalities and specific elements of other musical genres, complemented by screams and intense vocal passages intended to deepen the macabre bases of the compositions. To date, the band has released 2 studio albums and 3 singles, the most recent album being Visio in Somniis, released in May 2022 on the Cult of Parthenope record label. In 2021 tableau Mort recorded a cover of the song “End of the Beginning” for the compilation “A Tribute to Black Sabbath”

After the release of the debut album, the positive reviews soon brought the first opportunities to hold concerts in the most important underground locations in Great Britain, and to go on the stage of some high-profile festivals, such as Deadsoul Festival, Eradication Festival or Hammerfest.

Tableau Mort:
James Johnson – vocals
Cristian Giurgiu – guitar
George Topor – guitar
Marek Basista – bass
George Bratosin – drums

Vanvidd (NO)

It is a folk metal band with black influences, founded in 2013 in Arendal, Norway. Their music is reminiscent of Moonsorrow and Finntroll, but with their own sound that combines specific elements of Norwegian folklore, using, among others, instruments such as accordion, whistle, violin, banjo, hurdy-gurdy or Jewish harp. The debut album appeared in 2016, and in 2021 he releases the second one – “Under ei Morken Rot” – an album that received a rating of 9/10 from the webzine “” and an impressive feedback from both old and new fans, nationally and internationally.
“Under ei Morken Rot” was included, in the Norwegian podcast “Jernverket”, in the top 40 of the best metal albums of 2021 together with bands such as Gojira, Mastodon, Darkthrone or Wardruna, tracks from this album being broadcast on radio stations in England, Spain and Portugal.

Vanvidd were present on the main stage at Midgardsblot, they opened concerts at Enslaved, In The Woods and Trollfest, their live shows being vibrant, full of energy.

Mathias Dahlsveen – vocals, acoustic guitar
Kjetil Emil Lie – guitar/accordion
Sondre Kile Andersen – keyboards, accordion
Ole Markus Nordhagen – guitar
Markus Lillegaard – bass, whistle
Marcus Gullovsen – drums

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