Hear ‘n’ Aid vol.1 Concert Edition | Oslo, Norway




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Hear ‘n’ Aid vol.1 Concert Edition | Oslo, Norway

Due to the pestering plague that was ravaging our lands, our lead guitarist Emil
could not join this concert. So the wonderful Michael Briggs from Vorbid stepped in as lead guitarist this show.

Rock In

Grønland 14, 0188 Oslo

Saturday August 22nd 2020

15:00-23:30 UTC+02

150 NOK – Card Only

Facebook Event

Support: Lunula

One of the three concert events hosted in Rock In and FOR Rock in to support local metal bars and music industry in Oslo.

Entry: 150 NOK, tickets sale at the door 30mins before the show. Card payments only.

20.15 Lunula
21.40 Vanvidd

Prepare yourselves for the folk metal feast!!!! Bring your friends and help us support local metal bars in Oslo!!!!

Plays a hard-hitting mix of folk music and black metal, marrying traditional melodies and folk tunes with cold, dark riffage. The band’s themes revolve around the storytelling of Norwegian national romanticism and folklore.
Spotify link:
Vanvidd has played supporting gigs for Enslaved, guested the Midgardsblot main stage in 2018, and supported Trollfest in 2019.
Vanvidd are currently working on their second full-length album, “Under ein Morken Rot” which is their most ambitious project to date. The album comprises folk music, ancient music, black metal, melodic death metal and prog coupled with lyrics based on both saga prose and contemporary poetry.
Vanvidd released their self-titled debut in 2016 and were named newcomer of the year by ”Sounds From Apocalypse.”

Accoustic folk band from Oslo founded by four friends Monika Boroni, Giulia Wyrd-Svartskog, Fabian Giru and Stine Sandnes who shared love to the medieval and contemporary folk music. Band’s repertoire consists of various Ukrainian, Norwegian and Polish folk tunes, arrangments of the old medieval/reneissance melodies made for violin, harp, hurdygurdy, guitar and drum.
Musicians of Lunula are members of bands like TrollfesT, Fleshmeadow, Byrdi and Il Giardino d’Amore.

Hear ‘n’ Aid vol.1 Concert Edition | Oslo, Norway


1. Havtrollet
2. Jostedalsrypa
3. Fossegrimen
4. Blodsjord
5. Urkraft
6. De Underjordiske
7. Fjellheimen
8. Låvedans
9. Under ei Morken Rot


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